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Latest News from kiongozi "Habari"



The Kiongozi is a weekly Tabloid newspaper owned by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference and Published by the Catholic Publishers Limited. Was started in 1950 at Tabora in Western Tanzania. In 1971 the paper was moved from Tabora to Dar es Salaam where in 1972 it started being managed under Catholic Publishers Limited, a registered company.

Kiongozi gained popularity and acquired the name of "Gazeti la Wananchi" (a people's newspaper).

Editorial Policy:

The main objectives of Catholic Publishers Ltd as reflected in the Memorandum and Articles of Association are as below:

To carry on business as proprietors and publishers of Kiongozi Kiswahili Newspaper with the aim of

- Disseminating news about the Catholic Church in Tanzania and throughout the world.

- Communicating and making public and circulating the Church's voice and its position on the daily issues of the people and country in relation to its sustainable development.

- Communicating ideas and provoking discussion on issues related to religion and ethics; economics; gender issues; law and man; environment; health; social questiosn which face Tanzania and the world and the way they related to human development; art and culture as well as sports.

-Promoting unity of Catholics and other religions in Tanzania and other countries.

- To operate commercially as to make the newspaper sustainable.


Catholic Publishers Ltd.,

P.O. Box 9400

Dar es Salaam

Telephone: +255 51 850020

Fax: +255 51 851133/850295



Chief Editor: Fr. Norbert Kija (Dip. Journ. NSTI)

Chief Reporter: Rose Muga

Production Editor: Fr. Paul Haule (Dip. Journ. Kitwe/TSJ)

Finance: Sr. Specioza Bugumba (Cert. in Accountancy NSTI)

Advertising Manager: Sr. Stella Dativa Rutechura (Dip. Design & Art - Kitwe Zambia)

Circulation and Sales Manager: Mr. John Joseph

Language: Swahili

Frequency: Weekly

ISSN: 0856-2363

Cover Price: Tshs. 200/=

Annual Subscription: Tanzania Ths. 18,200/=; Africa US$ 200; The rest of the world US$ 250

Circulation: 10,000 copies

Area of Circulation: 29 Dioceses of Tanzania.


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