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The Tanzania Catholic Secretariat

The Catholic Secretariat of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference is headed by the Secretary General helped by 9 Executive Secretaries heading departments. There are also a number of supportive offices that are under the Secretary General

President of the Conference: Bishop Justin Samba

Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Method Kilaini (PhD)

Office Manager: Mrs. Mary Hokororo

Finance and Operations Department:

Chairman: Polycarp Cardinal Pengo

Executive Secretary: Mrs. Jean Mary Hayuma (CPA)

Pastoral Department:

Chairman: Bishop Amedeus Msarikie

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Theobald Kyambo (Dip. Man. Stud)

Communications Department:

Chairman: Bishop Antony Banzi

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Nobert Kija (Dip. Jonalism)

Radio Religious Broadcats Rev. Fr. Paul Haule (Dip. Radio Broad.)

Catechetical Department:

Chairman: Bishop Telesphor Mkude

Executive Secretary: Sr. Claudia Mashambo (Dip. Theology)

Liturgy Department:

Chairman: bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Julian Kangalawe (STL)

Education and Seminaries Department:

Chairman: Archbishop Nobert Mtega

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Elias Msemwa (Dip. Educ)

Lay Apostolate Department:

Chairman: Bishop Magnus Mwalunyungu

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Nicolaus Segeja (PhD)

Health Department:

Chairman: Bishop Aloysius Balina

Executive Secretary: Dr. Alban Hokororo (MedM)

Caritas Department:

Chairman: Bishop Agapitus Ndorobo

Executive Secretary: Mr. Clement Rweramira (Dip. Soc. Serv>)


Canon Law Commission :

Chairman: Bishop Severine Niwemugizi

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Augustine Mringi (PhD)

Ecumenical Commission:

Chairman: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Godfrey Riddle (MA)

Commission of Justice and Peace

Chairman: Bishop Paul Ruzoka

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Vic Missiaen (MA. Econ)

Commission of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life Community:

Chairman: Bishop Nestor Timanywa

Secretary: Sr. Fides Mahunja (Dip. Manag)

Commission of Evangelisation

Chairman: Bishop Agostino Shao

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Alphonce Ndekimo (STL)

Commission of Armed Forces

Chairman: Bishop Mathew Shija

Commission of Migrant and Itinerant Peoples:

Chairman: Bishop Gabriel Mmole

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